Tube Bending & Fabricating
Tube Flaring & Beading
Tube Brazing & Welding

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  • Diameters fabricated from .250" through 2.50" O.D.
  • Materials include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper
  • Parts can be provided with a powder coat, zinc plate, or anodized finish
  • CNC bending for high-speed production and repeatability
  • Non-contact inspection equipment to ensure that customer quality requirements are met on a consistent basis
  • Dedicated fixture bending, power and manual
  • 5 tank Ultrasonic cleaning system to remove oil, rust, and contamination from I.D. and O.D. of tube
  • Flaring, beading, mitering, and endforming
  • Brazing & Welding
    • Automated
    • Induction
    • Hand Torch
    • Mig Weld

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